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Home » Hailey Bieber Flaunts Her Lip Gloss Nails In Her Recent Insta Post

Hailey Bieber Flaunts Her Lip Gloss Nails In Her Recent Insta Post

    Hailey Bieber Flaunts Her Lip Gloss Nails In Her Recent Insta Post

    When it comes to establishing fashion trends and making a fashion statement, Hailey Bieber is no novice. The supermodel and fashion icon has been at the forefront of fashion, beauty, and nail trends, inspiring many with her daring and stylish looks. Recently, Hailey Bieber has been seen flaunting an eye-catching and unique nail trend: lip gloss nails. 

    While this is the first time Bieber has worn this manicure, it is not a new trend, and enjoyed a significant moment this winter. In fact, Nicola Peltz, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, and others have all experimented with the trend and its variants, such as ombré, pink, and diamond-studded.

    On July 18, Hailey posted an Instagram post showcasing a “bit of the summer energy” she has relished thus far, including beach time, her skin care products, a spa day at home, and lip gloss nails. 

    Bieber displayed her manicure while wearing a robe, a towel in her hair, lotion on her face, and large chunky gold earrings while holding a container of Rhode’s Vanilla Peptide Lip Treatment ($16) to her lips. 

    Her interpretation of the trend was an ultra-glossy and muted baby pink, with the darkest shade at the base and a gradual transition to a lighter, clearer hue at the tip.

    Check out her recent Instagram post to check out her Lip Gloss nails. 

    The Lip Gloss Nails Trend

    Lip gloss manicures are a new and innovative nail trend that draws inspiration from lip gloss products’ glossy and shiny finish. 

    This trend involves applying a clear or tinted gloss to the cuticles to create a glossy, high-shine appearance. The result is an eye-catching manicure that resembles the alluring sheen of lip gloss.

    Versatility is one of the reasons why lip gloss nails have acquired popularity. The trend is adaptable to different types and preferences. 

    Opt for clear gloss over natural nails for a sleek and minimal appearance. Choose tinted varnishes in vibrant or pastel hues for a splash of color and personality. 

    To enhance their lip gloss manicure, nail art devotees can also experiment with various designs, such as ombre effects or subtle embellishments.

    Embrace the Lip Gloss Nails Trend

    This trend has been brought to the forefront by Hailey Bieber’s passion for lip gloss manicures. As summer approaches, now is the ideal time to embrace this captivating and glossy nail trend. 

    Lip gloss nails are guaranteed to make a statement and elevate your summer manicure game, whether you choose a classic clear gloss or experiment with playful tinted shades.

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